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Five Tribes

Five Tribes: The Djinns of Naqala box cover art with an Arabian Castle in the background and people and wildlife in the forefront.

Crossing into the Land of 1001 Nights, your caravan arrives at the fabled Sultanate of Naqala. The old sultan just died and control of Naqala is up for grabs! The oracles foretold of strangers who would maneuver the Five Tribes to gain influence over the legendary city-state. Will you fulfill the prophecy? Invoke the old Djinns and move the Tribes into position at the right time, and the Sultanate may become yours!

The chart indicating Five tribes requires 2-4 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 2, plays in 40-80 minutes, features Arabian, fantasy, and mythology themes, and offers Auction, bidding, end game bonuses, hidden victory points, mancala, modular board, set collection, square grid, take that, turn order: auction, variable player powers, variable set up and victory points as a resource Mechanics

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