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Jokers and Marbles

Jokers and Marbles box and game pieces laid out with a connected board, cards, and marbles.

The joker reigns supreme in this family game of luck and simple strategy! Link the gameboard segments together and select your colored pegs. Now take turns moving your pegs around the board by playing different playing cards. It's a race around the board!

Play a five and move your peg five spaces. Play a ten and you may move your peg ten spaces. But an ace only moves you one space ahead, and an eight will move you backwards! Just when your peg is almost all the way around the board your opponent can play a joker and send you back Home! Win the game by moving all five of your pegs to your Home space first!

The chart indicating Jokers and Marbles requires 2-8 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 6, plays in 30 minutes, features Abstract strategy and card game themes, and offers Hand Management, point to point movement, roll, spin and move Mechanics

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