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Up 4 Grabs

Up 4 grabs box cover art with jack through ace in different suits on a board with other symbols and different colors for the players.

Up 4 Grabs has plenty of twists and turns with every flip of a card. Collect the "aces" and "faces" (face cards) by landing on squares around the board, challenging an opponent to a "Duel", and many other ways. It’s fast-paced and constantly changing: you’ll find yourself rapidly gaining the cards you need, and then losing them just as quickly. Plan your strategy and decide what combination to go after. But keep track of what your opponents are doing and thwart them when you can. Collect the four cards you need and win!

The chart indicating Up 4 grabs requires 4-6 players, plays in indeterminate amount of minutes, features Card game themes, and offers Set collection Mechanics


No difficulty level provided.

BoardGameGeek - Up 4 Grabs


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