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Gatefall box cover art with fantasy creatures fighting under a bridge and a castle in the distance.

Gatefall is a strategic miniatures game of tactics, deck building, and resource management. In the game, a rift has opened between worlds, causing a war between very different kinds of characters. The base game mode is designed for two players to fight head-to-head. In a two player game, players choose which team to control, the fantasy team consisting of Brog, Gildri, and Randar, or the Wasteland team consisting of Exile, Firebug, Penny, and Lost Boy. The first player to reach ten victory points wins the game! Gatefall is a very easy to learn and easy to set up battle game where one player is a team of Fantasy fighters and the other player is a team of Post-Apocalyptic fighters. The game features HUGE miniature figures, a crazy colorful art style, and hours of replayable fun.

The chart indicating Gatefall requires 2-8 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 2, plays in 60-180 minutes, features a Card game, fantasy, miniatures, science fiction, and wargame themes, and offers Action Queue, deck, bag, pool building, dice rolling, grid movement, role playing, and variable player powers Mechanics



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