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Micro Macro: Crime City

Micro Macro crime city box cover art with a happy character who later looks dead and a sprawling lightly drawn city in the white background.

Welcome to Crime City, a city where crime lurks around every corner. Disastrous secrets, devious robberies and cold-blooded murders are the order of the day here. The local police are no longer able to control the situation. Therefore, the work of clever investigators is required. MicroMacro - Crime City is a cooperative detective game. Together, the players solve 16 tricky criminal cases by determining motives, finding evidence, and convicting the perpetrators. A magnifying glass is included in the game to help with finding every detail. Together, the players explore the map of Crime City to answer all the questions on the case cards, one after another. The game ends as soon as the last case card has been answered correctly.

The chart indicating Micro Macro: crime city requires 1-4 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 2, plays in 15-45 minutes, features Deduction and murder/mystery themes, and offers Cooperative game, deduction, solo and solitaire game Mechanics


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