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Friday box cover art with a shipwreck, and a man surviving with ragged clothes, beard, homemade spear, and hidden creatures in the trees peering out.

Friday is a solitaire deck-building game in which you optimize your deck of fight cards in order to defeat the hazards of the island. During a turn the player will attempt to defeat hazard cards by playing fight cards from their deck. If defeated, a hazard card will become a fight card and is added to the player's deck. If failed, the player will lose life points but also get the opportunity to remove unwanted cards from their fight deck. In the end, the player will use their optimized fight deck to defeat the two pirate ships coming for the island, allowing Robinson Crusoe to escape the island and allowing you to finally have your peace back!

The chart indicating Friday requires 1 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 1, plays in 25 minutes, features as Adventure, card game, novel-based and pirate themes, and offers deck, bag and pool building as well as hand management, push your luck, and solo/ solitaire game Mechanics



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