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Game Collection

This guide details the different board and card games that can be checked out in the library. This guide also has a copy of rules and regulations for each game as well as links to online resources and strategies for the game.

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Latice Hawai'i

                Latice Hawai'i box cover art

For eons, Pele fought Mo’o for dominion over Hawai’i. Mo’o summoned the elements and the animals of Hawai’i to create an insurmountable challenge. Do you have what it takes to become the champion of Hawai’i? In Latice Hawai’i, players take turns laying tiles that each present an animal and an element. Tile placement requires the animal or element to match adjacent tiles. Players earn extra moves through superior strategy. Easy to learn, hard to master, Latice Hawai’i is an excellent addition to any collection, be it humble as a gecko or worthy of the game rooms of Maui and Pele.


                            The chart indicating Latice Hawaii requires 2-8 players and recommends a party of 2, plays in 20 minutes, features abstract strategy, educational, and puzzle themes, and offers pattern building, recognition, tie placement and time track mechanics.


                Light Difficulty Rating


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