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Messina 1347

Messina 1347 box cover art with a wagon holding people heading towards a town near the sea that has fires. Black rats and a skull are visible.

 In 1347, merchant galleys from the Crimean Peninsula arrived in Sicily and docked at the ancient port of Messina. The galleys had rats. The rats had fleas. And the fleas carried a plague that would come to be known as the Black Death. Over the next four years, in cities across Europe, half the population would die. In messina 1347, the latest game from the designer of Underwater Cities and Praga Caput Rengi, players take the role of noble families with landholdings in thee countryside around Messina. They attempt to rescue people from the plague by relocating them to their estates. As the plague in Messina worsens, the players will build small independent communities, while attempting to control the plague with fire. In the final rounds of the game, the plague begins to abate and players return the rescued citizens to repopulate the resilient city of Messina.

The chart indicating Messina 1347 requires 1-4 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 3, plays in 60-140 minutes, features Economic, medical, and medieval themes, and offers Grid movement, income, modular board, solo/solitaire, track movement, Variable player powers, Variable set up and worker placement Mechanics



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