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Rules of Play

Players are dealt cards, each one listing something to look for within episodes of Seasons 1 and 2. The cue on a card might have a player looking for flickering lights, or character actions like when Eleven uses her powers. Listening skills will also be in play as players await phrases like “monster hunting” or “bad men are coming.” Earn points when something onscreen matches the cue on a card.

Stranger Things: Screen Test

Stranger Things Screen Test box cover art with characters from the show looking at a lit area and a large tv with a fuzzy screen and audience members.

Tune in to Stranger Things and get ready to play. Your game card says "flickering lights." On the screen, the Demogorgon threatens and the Upside Down looms. Yes, the lights are blinking. You've got the card! Shout it out and earn points to win.

*You MUST be able to watch the show while playing this game.

The chart indicating stranger things: screen test requires 2-4 players, plays in -- minutes, features movies, tv and radio themes, and offers real time Mechanics



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