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Gentotype box cover art with vines and a journal with seeds scattered on the front and images of pieces of the game on the back of the box.

Genotype is a worker-placement, dice drafting game. As research scientists in St. Thomas’ Abbey, where Gregor Mendel discovered modern genetics in the 19th century, you’re tasked with validating the genetic traits of your pea plants to score points. Rounds are centered around the dice draft, where Punnett squares and beautiful custom dice are used to determine which dominant and recessive genes are available for the next generation of plants. But you’ll have plenty of opportunities before and after each draft to pay resources and place workers to improve your chances. Money is tight in Genotype and every decision matters, so expect deep strategy and stiff competition in this Mendelian genetics game.

The chart indicating Genotype requires 1-5 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 3-4, plays in 45-90 minutes, features Dice and educational themes, and offers Contracts, dice rolling, market, open drafting, set collection, simulation, solo/ solitaire, tech trees/ tech tracks, and worker placement Mechanics

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