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Rock'em Sock'em Robots

Rock'em Sock'em Robots box cover art with a blue and a red robot boxing each other and an image of two boys enjoying making the robots fight.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots have delivered hard-hitting fun for over 40 years! The classic boxing match pits Red Rocker versus Blue Bomber in the ring, fists at the ready, each with one aim in mind: to be the first to knock his rival’s block off! You and an opponent control the punching action by pushing the buttons on your “joysticks.” With the right use of speed, power, and angle you can knock your opponent’s robot’s head right off his shoulders to win the round!

The chart indicating Rock'em Sock'em Robots requires 2 players, plays in 10 minutes, features Action/Dexterity, Children's game, and science fiction themes, and offers Simulation and real-time Mechanics


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