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That's a Question!

That's a question! box cover art showing a squirrel holding a blue orb in one paw and a red orb in the other and looking unsure while on a mountain.

Players take turns asking questions. You build a question from the cards in your hand and choose a player to answer. Everyone else tries to guess what the answer will be. They get points for guessing right, and you get points when they guess wrong, so you want to ask tough questions. You will get to think about interesting stuff, and you'll also learn new things about your friends -- deep, important things like how much they love pizza. And you get to keep score by moving little wooden squirrels up a mountain. Why squirrels? that's a question!.

The chart indicating That's a Question! requires 3-6 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 6, plays in 30 minutes, features Party game themes, and offers Questions and answers and voting Mechanics



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