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Coup box cover art with a woman dressed in what looks like alien or futuristic noble attire with strange facial jewelry and a futuristic city.

The government is run for profit by a new "royal class" Of multi national CEOs. Their greed and absolute control of the economy has reduced all but a privileged few to lives of poverty and desperation. Then rose the Resistance, an underground organization focused on overthrowing these powerful rulers. The valiant efforts of the Resistance have created discord, intrigue and weakness in the political courts, bringing the government to the brink of collapse. But for you, a powerful government official, this is your opportunity to manipulate, bribe and bluff your way into absolute power. To be successful, you must destroy the influence of your rivals and drive them into exile. In these turbulent times there is only room for one to survive.

The chart indicating Coup requires 2-6 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 5, plays in 15 minutes, features a Bluffing, card game, deduction, and party game themes, and offers hidden roles, memory, player elimination, and take that Mechanics



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