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Balderdash box cover art with people, hot air balloons, and random images and the pieces of the game are load out in front of the box.

Balderdash game features compelling, unbelievable-but-true content in five fun categories: "famous" people, words, initials, laws, and movies. Take turns being the Balderdasher! Roll the die and chose a category—then read the choice out loud for the group. Each player writes what they think the real definition or explanation is, and the Balderdasher writes down the real answer. Then the "Dasher" reads them all aloud, and you hope that yours is the most believable!

The chart indicating Balderdash requires 2 to 6 players,  recommended player size for the best game time is 5 to 6, plays in 60 minutes, features a Bluffing, Party game, and word game themes, and offers Paper-and-Pencil and voting Mechanics



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