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Dune: Imperium

Dune Imperium box cover art with a large partially seen sandy planet below and two moon like planets/objects orbiting.

Raise your banner above the vast wasteland before you. As the Great Houses of the Landsraad marshal their forces and their spies, whom will you influence, and whom will you betray? A tyrannical Emperor. The secretive Bene Gesserit. The shrewd Spacing Guild. The ferocious Fremen of the Deep Desert. The power of the Imperium can be yours, but war is not the only way to claim it.

The chart indicating Dune: Imperium requires 1-4 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 3-4, plays in 60-120 minutes, features Movie/tv/radio, novel based, political, and science fiction themes, and offers Card play conflict resolution, deck/bag/pool building, delayed purchase, force commitment, multi-use cards, open drafting, race, solo/solitaire game, tags, take that, turn order: progressive, variable player powers, and worker placement Mechanics



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