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Hadara box cover art with five scenes from around the world with people and camels, pyramids, paper dragons, ships and gold coins, and antelope.

In Hadara, it’s your chance to make history. Over three epochs, guide the growth of your civilisation as new ideas emerge; take great strides forward in the many fields of human achievement to build an empire more glorious than any other. Skilled artisans, philosophers, warriors, and architects from many different cultures will bring their genius to aid you in your endeavours, but it rests with you to choose the best allies to build your strength and prestige.

The chart indicating Hadara requires 2-5 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 4-5, plays in 45-60 minutes, features a City building and civilization themes, and offers End game bonuses, memory, open drafting, set collection and simultaneous action selection Mechanics



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