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Crokinole board image of a circular board with game pieces laid out on the board like a game is in play.

Crokinole is a classic game originating in 1876 in Perth County, Ontario, Canada. Play involves players taking turns flicking one disc each towards the center of the board, however after the first disc is on the board, the player must hit another disc in subsequent turns. Otherwise you must discard your disc and it doesn't count for any points. First to 100 points wins! You'll love the depth and strategies you can develop while learning a fairly simple game. Then play a game of Checkers on the back to top it all off!


The chart indicating Crokinole requires 2-4 players recommended party of either 2 or 4, plays in 30 minuets, features action and dexterity themes, and offers flicking and team based mechanics.



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