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Doomlings box cover art with cute round characters in the front and dark mountains and lightning and a round moon character rising.

Somewhere on a doomed and distant planet, life has emerged, competing for supremacy until the world’s inevitable destruction. The object of the game is to score the most points by the time the world ends. Score points by playing Traits for your Doomlings’ species, making them more adaptable, resilient, and mischievous. As your Doomlings assert their dominance, Catastrophes will befall the planet, causing setbacks for each competing species. When the third Catastrophe inevitably strikes, the world ends, and the Doomlings with the strongest set of traits gets to look the Apocalypse in the eye and declare…“I scored the most points!”

The chart indicating Doomlings requires 2-6 players, recommended player size for the best game time is 4, plays in 20-45 minutes, features a card game themes, and offers end game bonuses, events, finale ending, hand management, move through deck, set collection, take that Mechanics

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