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This guide details the different board and card games that can be checked out in the library. This guide also has a copy of rules and regulations for each game as well as links to online resources and strategies for the game.

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Hnefatafl (The Viking Game)

                Hnefatafl box cover art and game image

One of history's greatest board games, Hnefatafl(nef-ah-tah-fel), which translates as "King's Table," has been played for more than 1,600 years, far longer than chess. There are two ways to win: either the attackers (24 soldiers) capture the king, or the king (helped by his 12 soldiers) escapes to one of the corners. It's simple but subtle, and once you start playing, you're hooked.  


                            The chart including Hnefatafl requires 2 players, plays in 20 minutes, features abstract strategy themes, and offers grid movement and variable player powers mechanics.


                Medium Difficulty Rating


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