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Castaway Curse

Castaway curse box cover art with distressed people coming out of the water onto a beach, a ship sinking in the background, and a pirate on a cliff.

Castaway Curse is a shipwreck adventure game! Each player takes on the role of an unfortunate castaway trapped on Prospero Island by the ghost of Captain Dread Red. Players set booby traps and battle to keep command of strategic areas across the island. The game is over once any player defeats the ghost of Captain Dread Red, but the player that has collected the most doubloons wins the game! Prepare for your foray into piracy! Can your cunning change your fate?

The chart indicating Castaway Curse requires 2-6 players, plays in 40-60 minutes, features a Economic, Nautical, and pirate themes, and offers Area majority/ influence, events, income, and zone of control Mechanics



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