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Do not look past page 9 in order to avoid SPOILERS! The rules will tell you there are spoilers with hints coming up on the next page. Only look at the hints when you are stuck and instructed to do so.

Rules to Play Adventure Games: The Dungeon

Adventure Games: The Dungeon

Adventure Games the Dungeon box cover art with a castle enveloped in fog.

You wake up in a dank dungeon. It seems impossible to find your way out, especially since none of you can remember what brought you there. Similar to a PC adventure game, players have to explore spaces, combine items, find clues, and talk to people. Step by step, you’ll start to grasp the plot and devise a plan to escape.

The chart indicated that Adventure Games : The Dungeon requires 1-4 players. The recommended player size for the best game time if 2. The game plays in 75 minutes, it features a fantasy and puzzle theme and offers cooperation play, narrative choices and paragraph player mechanics.


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