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Geology/Geography Research Guide

A short guide to locating Geology/Geography infomation available via the Newton Gresham Library and on the Internet.

Government Documents

The United States federal government publishes extensively in the Geological Sciences. Government Documents can be hearings before Congress, booklets, reports and studies published by the federal and state governments.

Publications of the U.S. Geological Survey
I19.14:year   1879-2000   U.S. Government Documents
The Publications of the U.S. Geological Survey are annual indexes of the documents produced by the U.S. Geological Survey up to 2000.

New Publications of the Geological Survey
I19.14/4: year   online
The New Publications of the Geological Survey are monthly indexes of the documents produced by the U.S.Geological Survey.

Geologic Quadrangle Maps
I19.88:GQ   U.S. Government Documents
Folded map series showing bedrock, surficial or engineering geology. Maps are multi-colored on topographic bases. Breif texts accompany maps. Principle scales are 1:24,000 and 1:62,500.

Hydrologic Investigation Atlases
I19.89:HA   U.S. Government Documents
Folded map series covering a wide range of geohydrological items, such as ground and surface water resources. Maps are multi-colored or black and white on  topographic or planimetric bases. Principal scale is 1:24,000.

National Atlases
I19.111: 998  U.S. Government Documents
Atlases on various aspects (social and geological) of the U.S., such as principles aquifers, presidential elections, etc. online

Miscellaneous Field Studies Maps
I19.113:MF   U.S. Government Documents and online
Folded map series on various subjects, such as environmental studies or wilderness mineral investigations. Maps are multi-colored or blacka nd white on topographic or planimetric bases.

Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map
I19.91:I   U.S. Government Documents
Folded map series with a wide variety of formats and subject matter, including geology. Maps are on planimetirc or topographic bases.

Water Resources Investigations
I19.42:   U.S. Government Documents
A series of reports, books and other documents on all aspects of ground water, water supply, hydrogeology and stream flow and ground-water levels for the United States.

Water Resources Investigations in Texas
I19.42/3:T 31/973-977   U.S. Government Documents
A 5-volume set of reports, books and other documents on all aspects of ground water, water supply, hydrogeology, stream flow and ground-water resources for the state ot Texas.

Oil and Gas Investigations Charts
I19.92:OC   U.S. Government Documents
"Charts show stratographic information for certain oil and gas fields and other area having hydrocarbon potential."

U.S. Geological Survey Professional Papers
I19.16:   U.S. Government  Documents
Includes comprehensive scientific reports on the results of resource studies, and of topologic, hydrologic, paleontologic and geologic investigations, that are of large size or have illustrations or tables requiring a large page size.

Water Resources Data for Texas
I19.53/2:Texas   U.S.Government Documents and online

Water Resources Data (other states)
I19.53/2: name of state   U.S. Government Documents and some online (see library catalog for individual state and access)


Marchive Web Documents


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