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College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM)

Citing Your Research

The AMA (American Medical Association) Style is most commonly used to format writing in academic Medicine.  Basic style rules and principles are outlined here and links to various guides are provided.  The Library also provides a print copy of the AMA Manual of Style for use in the COM library space.  

Basic Rules and Principles

  • In-text Citations

  • In-text citations are used when a source is referred to in the body of a paper.  AMA uses a superscript number format.


91% of participants reported that they had eaten at least one meal prepared away from home in locations such as restaurants, fast-food places, grocery stores, cafeterias, or from vending machines during the past 7 days.1

  • Reference List

A list of sources cited is included at the end of a paper on a separate page.  Title the page "References" (top, center).  Arrange sources in numerical order.  

  • The basic format for an article in an online journal with a doi:
  • Author(s).Title. Journal Name. Year;volume(issue No.):inclusive pages. URL. Published [date]. Updated [date]. doi:.
  • The basic format for an article in an online journal without a doi:
  • Author(s).Title. Journal Name. Year;volume(issue No.):inclusive pages. URL. Published [date]. Updated [date]. Accessed [date].


Garza KB, Ding M, Owensby JK, Zizza CA. Impulsivity and fast-food consumption: A cross-sectional study among working adults. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2016;116(1):61-68. doi:10.1016/j.jand.2015.05.003.


  • Invert authors' names [last name initials] with no comma between last name and initials, and no period between initials

  • Do not use "and" or "&" between authors' names

  • Abbreviate journal names (locate abbreviations at:

  • If no doi (digital object identifier) is available, use the URL that will take the reader most directly to the article and the date it was accessed.

Please be aware that many of the web-based citation generators (e.g., EasyBib) do not format citations properly - use these tools with caution. 

The citation tools linked here are highly reliable and are among the most commonly used for academic writing and citing.  The University Library provides free access to EndNote Web and offers some support in using and troubleshooting this tool.       

Free Tools

Pay Tools

EndNote Web

EndNote software






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