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Access Services Policies

This guide houses the policies of the Access Services unit of the Newton Gresham Library

Study Room Reservation and Use

The library has a variety of private and group study rooms available for use by the hour. Learn more about available spaces.

Public Reservation Policy

  • Online reservations may be made online by anyone with an authorized SHSU user account.
  • Users may also request staff assistance with reservations at the Service Desk.
    • Staff and student assistants can confirm, create, edit, and cancel bookings upon request.
    • If the need arises for a non-SHSU-affiliated patron to use a space, and sufficient space is currently available, a library staff member may create a booking on their behalf.
  • Reservations can be made up to 10 30 days in advance (extended as of May 2023).
  • A user may reserve up to four (4) hours per day, whether consecutive or non-consecutive, and whether across one or multiple rooms.
  • 1st and 2nd floor group rooms will require checking out a key from the Library Service Desk in the 2nd floor main lobby.
    • 3rd floor rooms should be unlocked, and it is not necessary to borrow a key.
  • Rooms may be used on a walk-in basis without a reservation, but reservations take priority. Patrons without a reservation may be asked to exit a room for reserved users.

Reservation Cancellation Policies

A patron may cancel their own reservation online at any time using the link in the reservation confirmation email.

The library does not charge fees or penalties for "no shows" without cancellation.

The library reserves the right to cancel a patron's reservation if:

  • a patron is more than 30 minutes late for their reservation; AND
  • another patron is asking for a room; AND
  • no other rooms are available in a way that reasonably fulfills the current request.

If a patron eventually arrives late for a reservation which the library has cancelled according to this policy, library personnel will endeavor to schedule a new reservation for them in an available room at the earliest time possible. However, there are no guarantees that space will be available.

Room Use Policies

  • Patrons are responsible for observing maximum occupancy rates:
    • Maximum occupancy is 2 people for most carrels on the 3rd and 4th floors.
    • Group rooms on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors varies from 4 to 20 people.
    • Maximum occupancy for all spaces is specified in the online reservation system and posted in the space.
  • Most rooms include a dry-erase board. Markers and erasers are available at the Library Service Desk upon request.
  • Most larger group rooms include a TV monitor for shared computer display. Users should generally connect to the monitor wirelessly. For monitors without wireless connection options, HDMI adapter cables are available at the Library Service Desk upon request.
  • These study rooms are NOT soundproof. They are unsuitable for musical instrument practice or other loud activities.
  • Need a computer? You can bring your own or borrow one from us.
  • Questions about room use should be directed to the Library Service Desk at (936) 294-1618.

Video Recording Studio

The Video Recording Studio provides the space and technology to quickly and easily record videos; just plug in a flash drive and click the Record button.

  • Reserve up to 4 hours per day (consecutive or not); requires an SHSU account.
  • Reservations can be made up to 10 30 days in advance (extended as of May 2023).
  • Recommend flash drives 8 GB or smaller, as large drives full of files may slow the system.
    • Flash drives are available for checkout at the Library Service Desk if needed.
  • Room contains microphone, camera, lights, and greenscreen.
    • HDMI cable provided to optionally display content from a laptop on the greenscreen, play background music, etc.
  • No editing software.
  • Not soundproofed as a musical recording booth.

Graduate/Faculty Private Room Requests

Carrel Request and Assignment Policies

All university faculty and graduate students are eligible to apply with the Library Administration Office for private carrel assignment. Carrels, when available, will be assigned according to the following priority:

  • First – Graduate students working on a thesis or dissertation.
  • Second – Students who are working on semester long or substantive research projects with faculty.
  • Third – Faculty members engaged in research projects or course preparation.

Carrels are generally assigned for one semester, sometimes an academic year.  However, applications requesting a shorter period of time will also be accepted.

A study carrel holder must apply for renewal at the end of the assigned period but will not be given priority over other applicants.

Carrel holders may share with one other person upon notification of the Director’s office.

Multiple assignments to a single carrel may be required.

The library reserves the right to revoke assignment at its discretion.  Carrels not consistently used during the assigned semester may not be renewed.

Graduate keys may not leave the building. If a patron loses a key, they will be charged a re-keying fee.


Carrel Use Policies

  • All library material left in a study carrel must be charged to its occupant. Uncharged material will be removed from the carrel by authorized library personnel.
  • Non-circulating material (such as reference books, bibliographies, indexes, and periodicals) should not be left in the study carrel when the holder is not present.
  • No furniture may be removed or introduced into a carrel without permission from the Administration Office.  No bedding of any kind may be introduced into the carrel.
  • The library is not responsible for any personal belongings left in the study carrels.
  • Study carrel keys must be picked up at the Service Desk.  Keys must be returned to the Service Desk before leaving the building.
  • Nothing will be affixed to the walls or windows.  For your safety, the security window of the study carrel may not be covered in any way at any time.
  • Carrels are quiet areas.
  • Study carrels should be kept neat and orderly.
  • Damaged furniture requiring repair should be reported to the Administration Office as soon as possible.
  • Any material remaining in the study carrel after the assigned period has elapsed will be discarded at the discretion of the Administration Office.
  • No tobacco or vaping permitted in carrels.


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