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Explains how to make use of some popular (and also some little-known) services at NGL

How to Access Course Readings in Reserves

This tab describes PRINT Reserves. The next tab describes Electronic Reserves.

Print Reserves are books and documents that are physically housed in the library for access by students in a particular class. They can generally only be borrowed for short periods (such as 2 or 4 hours) and often cannot leave the building, although some reserves may circulate outside the building for a few days.

To search for Print Reserves for your class:

  1. Start at
  2. Click the Books & Media tab, then click the "Course Reserves" link.

  3. Click the link at the top of the page to "Search for Print Reserves."

  4. Enter an instructor's name, course number, or course name into the search box and click the appropriate search button.

  5. Review the list of courses. If you do not find your desired course, you might try searching a different way, or we may not have reserves for that course. If you do find your desired course, click on it to view the books available for that course.

  6. You should now see any books on print reserve for this course. Click on a book for more details.

  7. Clicking on a book will show you how many copies are available and for how long they can be borrowed.

  8. To borrow any Reserves book, visit the main Service Desk on the 2nd floor (just inside Starbucks) and tell staff the title of the book or the course number.

This tab describes ELECTRONIC Reserves. The previous tab describes Print Reserves.

Electronic Reserves are digitized documents that are made available online for access by students in a particular class.

In many cases, your professor will integrate your Electronic Reserves directly into your Blackboard class for quick, convenient access. However, if you want to search for Electronic Reserves for a class:

  1. Start at
  2. Click the Books & Media tab, then click the "Course Reserves" link.

  3. Click the link at the top of the page to "Access Electronic Reserves."

  4. Use the options available to browse or search by an instructor name, course number, or course name.

  5. When you find your desired class, click on the title. You will be prompted for a course password, which should have been provided by your professor. This ensures that only students enrolled in a specific class have access to the digitized readings for that class.

  6. After entering the course password, a list of readings will display. Click on the desired reading.

  7. A pop-up box will open with all the publication details about the reading. Some readings will be PDF files; other readings will be direct links into library-licensed ebooks, journal articles, or similar. Either way, click on the filename to open the reading.

  8. Please note that, due to copyright restrictions, some readings may have limitations on downloading, printing, or copying and pasting from the text. Also please note that these readings are for individual, educational use only within the context of this class; in some cases, licenses have been purchased specifically for students in this class. It is unlawful for a student to further distribute these files to other users outside of this course.


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