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HIST 3337: The Bible and Reform in Europe

Get started researching topics in the history of religious and theological changes in 16th-17th century Reformation Europe.


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Kristina Claunch
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Primary Sources in Library Databases

Primary Sources in Print

Often a variety of primary documents are collected together into a book (usually related to a time period, topic, or theme).

Below are just a few broad collections in the Library; each book contains many original documents.

(Note: many of these books will contain both primary and secondary content, so use your judgement or ask a librarian for help in distinguishing the two).

Primary Source Collections Online

Finding Primary Sources in the Catalog

This video will give a quick demonstration of several tricks to help you locate primary sources in the library catalog.

1. Use the keyword "sources" in the subject row

2. Along with your topic keywords, add the keywords "documents OR documentary"

3. Along with your topic keywords, add keywords for specific kinds of sources (correspondence, diary, manuscripts, etc. - just separate them all with OR)

4. Click on Exact Search, Enter a person's name (backwards), and click subject. Browse for and click on subjects that include words like correspondence, manuscripts, sources, etc.

Finding Primary Source Collections with Google Advanced Search

Other Library Research Guides

These other library research guides may also be of interest:


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