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HIST 3337: The Bible and Reform in Europe

Get started researching topics in the history of religious and theological changes in 16th-17th century Reformation Europe.


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Kristina Claunch
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This guide is intended to provide a starting point for researching topics in the history of religious and theological changes in 16-17th century Europe, a period that saw the fracturing of a unified Christendom, and the political, social, cultural, and economic impacts of these changes.


This guide is not comprehensive; it does not list all of the resources on this topic or in related disciplines owned by the Library or available on the Internet. This guide serves merely as a starting point for research.

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Other Reference Books

Subject Headings

Subject headings allow you to find books according to broader and narrower topics.

Below are sample subjects. To browse for different, broader, or narrower subjects, go to the library catalog and click "Exact Search." Enter a term and click "subject."

You can start browsing for a broad subject like Education, then look for more specific subjects, such as Education England History 18th century.

Once you know some subject headings, you can also just use them as keywords during an advanced search, using the subject row.

Browse the Collection

An excellent way to discover additional resources is to browse for books in relevant call number ranges.

For example: 

  • DD175 - DD257.4 - History of Germany; Modern, 1519-  
    • DD176 - DD189 - 1519-1648, Reformation and Counter-reformation
  • DA300 - DA592 - History of Great Britain; Modern, 1485­-
    • DA310 - DA360 -  Tudors, 1485-1603
      • DA350 - DA360 - Elizabeth I, 1558-1603. Elizabethan age
    • DA385 - DA398 - Early Stuarts, 1603-1642
    • DA400 - DA429 - Civil War and Commonwealth, 1642-1660  


To discover the call number ranges for broader, narrower, or different subjects (e.g., the Reformation era in different countries), consult the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Search the Library Catalog

Search for books and other items in the library catalog.


More Search Options


A Sampling of Books in the Main Collection


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