Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Higher Education

This guide collects resources on artificial intelligence (AI), especially generative AI, in higher education to benefit students, faculty, and staff at SHSU.

Do's and Don'ts of ChatGPT for Research

Litmap's Project Lead, Digl, suggests:

DO use ChatGPT to:

  1. Summarize existing papers. Use handy tricks like “Give me 5 bullet points with a 300 word maximum” to get swift responses.

  2. Create a paper outline

  3. Rephrase and fix grammar. Plus, you can ask for explanations.

  4. Write code

DON'T use ChatGPT to:

  1. To find references or papers. ChatGPT is notorious for making up references, including author names, titles, and years of publication. You can even accuse it of doing so, and it happily fesses up.

  2. Learn new information. Use summaries as guidelines or pointers to prioritize. Not checking ChatGPT’s responses means potentially trusting its hallucinations.

  3. Write your finished text for you.

  4. Math, maybe. This was a more serious issue at the launch of ChatGPT, but has potentially since been resolved with recent updates.



Resources on AI and Faculty Research & Writing

It's important to note the different opportunities and pitfalls in using AI for the actual conduct of research and using AI for the writing of scholarly papers.

Finding the Balance

"The issues with generative AI chatbots are known: accountability, potential to propagate bias, and not-always-reliable accuracy. But they can also help us humans to think in different and creative ways, and to streamline tedious tasks, which may ultimately be a boon for burdened researchers.

“'Think of GPTs not as a database but as a large collection of extremely smart economists, historians, scientists, and many others whom you can ask questions,' says..." "Tyler Cowan, economist and author of “How to Learn and Teach Economics with Large Language Models, including GPT,” a paper with relevance far beyond economics."


AI Authorship? Probably Not


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