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Great Resources You Can Legally Use: Fair Use for Faculty

This guide gives a brief overview of copyright and fair use issues, then compiles a large list of resources where faculty can find videos, images, and texts to legally use in their classes.

Helpful Copyright Information

Remember: Being an educator does not automatically make all uses qualify as "fair use."

TSUS Policy


Main Point:

  • Copyright ownership shall remain with the creator of the work except as otherwise provided by Section 11.2.

Faculty Work - Highlights:

  • Component faculty, staff, and students own the copyright of works they create on their own initiative and own time without the use of substantial Component resources (e.g., substantial monetary award explicitly for creation of the work).
  • Faculty and staff retain the copyright of works they create within the scope of their employment which are created in the fulfillment of their teaching and scholarly responsibilities.
  • If a work is directed or contracted by the Component on a work for hire basis, then the Component owns the copyright.
  • Copyright ownership in works that are created pursuant to sponsored or third-party research funding, including works funded by grants, shall be determined in accordance with the terms of any agreement governing such funding.
    • If any such agreement is silent as to ownership, then the Component shall own the copyright of such works.

Student Work - Highlights:

  • Students own the copyright in works created in their role as a student, including research papers, essays, theses, dissertations, published articles, and visual works of art and/or audio/visual/digital recordings of artistic performances.
  • Works created at the direction of or under contract with Component faculty or staff as part of a student’s employment with the Component are considered works for hire.

Fair Use Toolkit

Great Videos on Copyright


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