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HIST 3389 / 5098: African History

This guide provides a starting point for researching topics in the history of the African continent and its various countries.


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Best Bet Databases for Journal Articles



Tracing Citation Chains Backwards and Forwards in Time

1. Investigate each book's or article's bibliography to see what older sources they reference.

2. Look up a book or an article in Google Scholar, and then click the "Cited by..." link to see what newer sources have referenced this one.


SHSU logoGoogle Scholar

Search for articles, documents, books, etc. Includes legal opinions & journals. Links to full text owned by SHSU.

Using a Citation to Find the Complete Article

Using Google Scholar

1. Open Google Scholar, beginning from this guide or the library homepage (so that it's connected to SHSU resources). 

2. Search for the article title in Google Scholar.

3. Look for links to online PDFs or to "Online Resources @ SHSU," which will connect you to the complete article. 


Using Engine Orange

1. Start from the library homepage

2. In the Engine Orange search box, enter the article title and select the radio button for "Title," then click Search. 

3. If Engine Orange can find the article in the numerous databases that it searches simultaneously, it will bring it back.

4. If Engine Orange doesn't find the specific article title, you still might double-check by the journal, in case the citation you found may have had an error in the title. 

  • Start at the library homepage again.
  • In the Engine Orange search box, enter the journal name and select the radio button for "Journal / Publication Name," then click Search.
  • If you see a search result for the correct journal, look below it for details about where we have access to this journal. Check the date of the article you want, and see if any of the databases listed include that year. If so, click on the link for that database. Next find the year/volume and issue of the journal where the article appeared. Then try to locate the article by title and page numbers. 

Find Article in Print

If the Journal / Publication search above still doesn't find the article, access the library catalog and search for the journal name in the row marked Periodical Title. If you find a result for the journal, click on it and read the Holdings box carefully to see whether the years/issues that we own include the one where the article appeared. If so, write down the call number, find the journal upstairs in the library, and photocopy or scan the desired article.

Interlibrary Loan

If you are unable to find the article electronically or in print from our library, request it on Interlibrary Loan. Unless something is very rare or obscure, we can usually get a copy of an article delivered electronically within several days.


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