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HIST 3389 / 5098: African History

This guide provides a starting point for researching topics in the history of the African continent and its various countries.

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Sample of Books in the Main Collection

For Reference: Past and Present Names of African Countries

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An excellent way to discover additional resources is to browse for books in relevant call number ranges.

  • DT1 - DT3415 - History of Africa
    • ​DT43 - DT154 - Egypt
    • DT154.1 - DT159.9 - Sudan. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
    • DT160 - DT177 - North Africa
    • DT179.2 - DT179.9 - Northwest Africa
    • DT181 - DT 346 - Maghrib. Barbary States 
      • Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sahara
    • DT348 - DT363.3 - Central Sub-Saharan Africa
    • DT365 - DT469 - Eastern Africa 
      • Ethiopia, Abyssinia, Eritrea, Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, French Territory of the Afars and Issas, East Africa, British East Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Tanganyika, German East Africa, Rwanda, Ruanda-Urundi, Burundi, East African coastal islands (Madagascar, Mascarene Islands, Mautitius, Ile de France, Mayotte, Reunion, Seychelles)
    • DT470 - DT671 - West Africa. West Coast
      • Upper GuineaLower Guinea
      • British West Africa (Ashanti Empire, Gambia, Ghana/Gold Coast, Nigeria, Sierra Leone)
      • French West Africa (Benin, Dahomey, Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire/Ivory Coast, Gabon, Gaboon, Gabun, Congo, Brazzaville, Middle Congo, Central African Republic, Central African Empire, Chad/Tchad, ​Niger, West Sahara, Senegal, Mali, Mali Federation, Sudanese Republic, French Sudan, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Upper Volta)
      • ​Cameroon, Cameroun, Kamerun, Togo, Portuguese-speaking West Africa (​Guinea-Bissau, Portuguese Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe), ​Spanish West Africa (​Equitorial Guinuea, Spanish Guinea), ​Liberia, Congo/Kongo River region, Zaire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Belgian Congo, Cape Verde Island
    • DT1001 - DT1190 - Southern Africa
    • DT1251 - DT1465 - Angola
    • DT1501 - DT1685 - Namibia. South-West Africa
    • DT1701 - DT2405 - South Africa
      • Cape Province, Cape of Good Hope, Orange Free State/Oranje Vrystaat, KwaZulu-Natal, Natal, Transvaal, South African Republic
    • DT2421 - DT2525 - Botswana. Bechuanaland
    • DT2541 - 2686 - Lesotho. Basutoland
    • DT2701 - DT2825 - Swaziland
    • DT2831 - DT2864 - British Central Africa. Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
    • DT2871 - DT3145 - Zambia. Northern Rhodesia
    • DT3161 - DT3257 - Malawi. Nyasaland
    • DT3291 - DT3415 - Mozambique

To discover the call number ranges for broader, narrower, or different subjects, consult the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

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