Scholarly Authoring & Presenting Guide

This guide will help you better understand the structure and composition of a scholarly article.

What is Retraction?

It's important to know if you are relying on research which has been retracted after publication, especially if a particular method or discovery is a key underpinning in your work.

Retracted means an article has been withdrawn after publication.

Either the author of the paper or the editor of the journal may initiate a retraction. For example:

  • An author may discover an honest error in their data and want to withdraw the subsequent findings, which may be unfounded.
  • An editor may uncover evidence of unethical research practices, falsified data, plagiarism, or other breaches of research integrity which call the paper's credibility into question.

Learn What Has Been Retracted


Additionally, some research databases will visibly identify a paper which has been retracted:

Search results in an EBSCOhost research database with the words Retracted Article appearing just before the title of an article. The title and publication details of the article are blurred.



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