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SHSU Special Collections Policies and Procedures

Student Assistant Guidelines



Food and Drinks

No food or drink is allowed in the work areas, but feel free to place beverages on the filing cabinet behind the wooden screen. You are also welcome to store snacks in my office in the mini-fridge or desk and please use the Staff Lounge if you wish to enjoy a snack or beverage during breaks.


Fire Alarms


If a fire alarm sounds, evacuate the building immediately by exiting through the nearest or safest exit (not central staircase). In case of tornado, exit down side staircase and gather in first floor reference bathrooms. If it is possible to lock the Thomason Room on your way out, do so. If not, just go.


Work Schedule


Submit your semester work schedule your supervisor for approval.  The library will always accommodate time off for your studies.  If you need time off, please give at least one-day notice.  If you are sick or have an emergency, call 936.294.1619.


Manuscripts Processing Procedures


Paging- Remove only one box of a collection or three books at a time, unless you are asked to do otherwise.  When you have completed work on the first box, return it to the stacks and take the next.


Storage and Handling Conditions


When working on collections, think of preparing collections in ways that will protect items when they are used by researchers.  It is important for users to maintain order of items.  By housing things carefully, we make it easier for patrons to maintain the order of collections.  Clean and orderly housing can also inspire patrons to appreciate and recognize the delicacy and rarity of items with which they are working.  Items should fit within folders, boxes, etc.  Place items in folders that completely enclose them, with no protruding edges.  Place photos in secure folders where they do not shift when boxes are jostled.  In addition to protecting items from each other, interleaving photographs causes patrons to handle collections more slowly and carefully. 


Final Thoughts


Do not attempt any procedure unless you have been trained.

Do not throw away anything unless told to do so by a staff member.

Always ask a staff member for assistance if you are unsure about which procedure to follow.






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