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SHSU Special Collections Policies and Procedures

SHSU Special Collections Training Plan

SHSU Special Collections Training Plan

  1. General orientation to the library

    1. Introductions to vital staff. Learn about the office and supplies. Orientation to mailboxes; circulation key check out; other points of interest.

  2. General training and computer know-how:

    1. HR Stuff

      1. Call in sick/ late/ etc.

        1. For staff – call 936.294.1613 (the admin office) if you will be out sick. She will alert your supervisors. If you are able, call the Special Collections main line - 936.294.1619 - and let us know you will be out.

        2. If you are taking sick time for a doctor’s appointment or are requesting vacation time, let your supervisor know and then the office know. There will be forms to fill out. Give as much notice as possible. It preferable that we schedule our vacations around each other when possible.

        3. For students, call 936.294.1619 and let us know you will be out sick or if you will be unable to come into work.

        4. Lateness- if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, please call 936.294.1619 and let us know. If you are able to make up the time on the same day, that is preferable.

      2. Students and staff must submit an electronic timesheet twice a month. It is important to keep accurate track of your time. Overtime is rarely permitted, and must be approved by the Department Head and Library Director ahead of time.

      3. For students, you have to submit a paper and online time sheet. Track your time on the paper timesheets and submit them to your supervisor, who will confirm that they coordinate with the online clock-in and clock-out times. If supervisor is away and timesheets are due, submit them to department head.

  • Computer stuff:

    1. Copying and scanning

    2. The drives

      1. LA and LA II will get drive access, we will transfer files to students on thumb drives).

      2. For all staff, get a thumb drive from the office and back up your work to the thumb drive.

    3. Saving and sending

      1. Please save your work often to the N: Drive and thumb drive. Send periodic updates to your supervisor so that they can see your progress and confirm that all is well and everything is moving in the right direction.


  • Orientation to the library and collections

    1. Library tutorial:

    2. Call number tutorial: help from Marsha

    3. How to find things using the catalog, how to read item records; Explain jargon and codes…

    4. How to find and reshelf materials

    5. Explain the displays (Display list, physical card catalog, etc.)

    6. Sign in/ Thomason Room registration procedures

    7. Phone procedures, “Thomason Room, this is ____”

    8. Taking messages, forwarding phones, etc.

    9. How to answer directional questions

    10. Reference over the phone

    11. Signing materials out (ILL, Digital Resources).

  • Online archival training:

    1. Handling instructions:

    2. Preservation 101:    (Register and do sessions 1, 2, 5 and 6). Email me when you have completed these training sessions or come by and talk to me about your questions and comments.   Link:   

  • Initial tasks:

    1. Shadow team when they interact with patrons for the first few weeks. When they are done with their interactions, ask questions.

    2. Patron Interactions:

      1. Step 1: “Hi, may I help you?”

        1. They may just need to be pointed downstairs to the Library Service Desk, or they may just be hunting for the bathroom. If so, answer their “directional request” and let them be on their way. Record them as a general visitor or “student”on the sign in and record their research interest as “General Help – Main”

        2. If they are interested in a tour or need any type of reference help for which we may be of assistance, proceed to Step 2:

      2. Step 2: “Could you please place your bags over on the shelves beside the entrance.”

      3. Step 3: “Please sign in” – point them to our sign in. It’s important that we get their name and reason for visiting. If they are visiting because a professor sent them, that is valuable information as well.

      4. Step 4: If they are simply interested in looking around, invite them to. Let them know that the area in front of the screen is open to the public and that they are welcome to peruse the exhibit space and to please ask questions. Be wary of students walking straight back into the closed stacks. It happens all the time.

    3. Learn how to read shelves, retrieve items and re-shelve items.

    4. Need a brief historical introduction to any Texas topic? Go here:

      1. Everyone will be oriented on individual tasks as we go. Work space and computer access will be, unfortunately, a bit of a work in progress. We appreciate your patience and ask that you communicate any arising concerns with us.

      2. Orientation to manuscripts.

      3. Orientation to rare books (and books handling).

      4. Orientation to county records.

      5. Orientation to Archon and finding aids.

      6. Orientation to LibGuides.


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