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SHSU Special Collections Policies and Procedures

Project Management Plan

Thomason Special Collections

Project Management Plan

  1. The Thomason Team will work together to pursue the over-arching goals of the Thomason Room:

    1. To serve the patrons of the Thomason Room to the utmost of our abilities.

    2. To increase the range and depth of the description of the materials available to the researching public.

    3. To preserve the materials in the Thomason Room to the utmost of our abilities by keeping our workspace clean, through regular shelf-reading, and by maintaining the collections held in the Thomason Room using archival standards.

  2. Each member of the Thomason Team will contribute to these goals by completing daily tasks such assisting patrons, shelf-reading, processing and describing collections, etc.

  3. In addition, each member of the Thomason Room will have a major ongoing project, for which he or she will have primary responsibility.

    1. This means that the team member will be expected to make steady, weekly progress on that task.

    2. Please alert your supervisors about any speed bumps or dilemma’s you are encountering along the way.

    3. Each team member will also be asked to review his or her progress and general outlook for the project during periodic staff meetings.

  4. We want to create an atmosphere of positive expectation and forward momentum. To do that, while also doing some projects that are sometimes intellectually demanding and sometimes tedious, I think it is important that we all communicate both our successes and frustrations.

    1. Please communicate with your supervisors if you are making good strides forward, or conversely, if you are feeling frustrated or encountering obstacles. There is a good chance we can help.

    2. Please be aware that everyone is learning together. To that end, we’ll be doing some spot checking of the work that all of us do. We’ll always do it WITH you, not behind your back. And we’ll talk together about how we can improve the process.

    3. Finally, if you have an idea for a way to make the department run smoother or an idea about better ways to complete your individual project or task, please bring these ideas to our attention. Furthermore, if you have a suggestion for a new project or task that could improve our ability to fulfill our mission, please do not hesitate to suggest it. Our ears and minds are open.


      Felicia J. Thomas, MLIS, CA

      Special Collections Librarian

      May 1, 2014




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