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Contemporary Art, Architecture & Photography


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Rebecca Yantis
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This guide will help you with your research of 20th Century Art.

This guide is intended as a starting place.

Guernica by Pablo Picasso


Start Here

Have a list of keywords and synonyms handy. What are you looking for? What words would you use to search Google?

The Library has encyclopedias, handbooks, biographies, art books, magazines, journals, and databases that can help you with your search.

Once you have your list of words, decide what you need to find: a book? a scholarly article? an image? If you're not sure, then decide: do you want to search at home and find things online or do you want to find something you can pick up and take home with you?

Use the tabs across the top of this guide to learn more about searching for books, articles, images, and web-based resources.

Evaluate & Cite Your Sources

Learn how to evaluate those resources you find:

Don't forget to cite your sources!


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