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U.S. Founders and Presidents: Primary Sources: Home

Find the public and private papers of the U.S. Founders and Presidents, as well as some other writings and primary sources.

Help with Primary Sources

General Resources

Public and Private Papers from the Miller Center for Public Affairs at the University of Virginia
(excellent guide to extant papers of presidents and select presidential associates)

The American Memory Project from the Library of Congress
(worth searching here for isolated documents)

A compilation of the messages and papers of the presidents
J81.B96 1929 vol. 1-20
(proclamations, addresses, and messages from Presidents Washington through Wilson)


This list highlights key collections of personal papers and political writings but is not comprehensive; the Library may own more writings by the individual. To see more, click the “Find More / Get Details” link.

Library books can be checked out unless specified otherwise.

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Can't Find What You Need?

Looking for a person not listed in this guide, or need even more sources than are listed?

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