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Collection Development Policy

Single Item Purchases (Monographs, Videos, etc.)


Materials published or produced as a single, non-continuing, purchasable unit are selected by subject librarians within the confines of the budget allocated to each subject.    


Subject selector individually identifies item for purchase or approves suggestion from other source.

Subject selector communicates the purchase to Library Acquisitions through appropriate means (GOBI, email, paper). 

Acquisitions purchases the materials


Deselection of monographs is performed by Subject Selectors for the subject they are charged with in consultation with:

  • the faculty of the department the materials support
  • other subject selectors who may have interest in the materials being examined
  • the Head of Collection development

Subject Selectors consult data provided from various library systems.

Deselection criteria follow the general deselection policy.


For procedure for the 2018 deselection project, please see the linked page.


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