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HIST 4368 / HIST 5371: The Era of the American Revolution, 1763-1789

Get started researching topics in the American Revolution.


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Kristina Claunch
Library (NGL) Room 223G

Search Tips

  1. Search with short, simple words and phrases. Use the smallest pieces, not whole sentences.
  2. Try different versions of your search using synonyms or other ways of describing a topic.
    • Example: American Revolution, Revolutionary War, America's War of Independence, ...
  3. Put quotation marks around phrases (2 or more words that you want to find in a specific order).
  4. Connect various words and phrases with AND, OR, and NOT.
    • AND = less results. Example: causes AND economic
    • OR = more results (often use with synonyms). Example: Britain OR "Great Britain" OR England
    • NOT = exclude ideas for less results. Example: causes NOT slavery 


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