ENGL 1302.22 (Dr. Demson)

A guide for finding resources and doing research for Dr. Demson's ENGL: 1302 class

Helpful Databases

If you have a topic already, try searching for it in a database. 

You can also browse topics to help you find an issue that interests you. 

Picking your Topic


NC State University Libraries. (2013, August). Picking Your Topic IS Research. [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0B3Gjlu-1o.

 Video by NC State University Libraries

Be a Detective

  1. What are you searching for?
    • What is your topic or thesis statement?
    • What type of source(s) do you need?
  2. Who are people that can help you on your mission? (Librarians!)
  3. Where can you go to find more information about what you need? (https://library.shsu.edu)
  4. What clues do you follow when you don't find exactly what you need?
    • What synonyms can you use instead of the search terms you've been sticking with?
    • What are RELATED topics to your search?  Brainstorm with a friend.
    • Were other sources mentioned in the reference lists on sources you did find that might be useful for your research?


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