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E-readers, Tablets, and Library Ebooks

Learn how to read or download library ebooks on your e-reader, tablet, or other mobile device.


1. How do I access a library ebook?    

   Use the Library Catalog to browse topic ebooks or to locate a specific ebook.


2. How many do you have?

   The number changes as we acquire access to new ebook collections. We have access to approximately 200,000 ebooks as of August 2013.


3. Can I checkout ebooks or just look at them?

   We have ebooks that you can checkout and ebooks that you have temporary access to - if you have a question about a specific book, just ask a librarian.  


4. Can I read a library ebook on my smart tablet?

   Yes - you can use your smart tablet to open and checkout library ebooks. Here is a brief demonstration of the process:

(For a text version of this video, please click over to the iPad/iPhone tab.)


5. If I take notes or add highlighting in an ebook, will it still be there when I come back to read the same ebook again?

   As long as you log into a (free) personal account in the ebook database, your notes and highlighting will be saved and will remain attached to the same book, any time you come back to read it again. Most ebook databases will require that you create and log into a personal account before you can take notes or add highlighting.


6. Why is it so hard to find/access an NGL ebook?

   The Library has access to several collections of ebooks, with each collection having its own requirements about accessing its ebooks, so it can seem tricky to find one. Using the Library Catalog is the best way to find out if we have a specific title and browse. You can always Ask-A-Librarian for more help!


7. Are they the same price as print books?

  The price varies by publisher.


8. How many users can access a specific ebook?

   The number of simultaneous users will vary by title. Some titles have unlimited use, and some limit the users to 1 at a time. The Library Record for the item may indicate toward the record bottom if there is unlimited, mulit-user, or single user access.


9. Can I request an ebook for my class?

   Yes - absolutely! You can contact your subject librarian and the librarian will explore availability of the title as an ebook. Please note that not all books are available as ebooks.

   You can also use the Recommend a Purchase online request form.


10. How does the Library decide which books to buy as ebook and which to buy as print?

   Some professional fields are quick to adopt the convenience of ebook technologies, while others are reluctant or even entirely resistent to it. Each professional field has a subject librarian who is responsible for exploring and collecting materials to support students and faculty in that field. Staying in touch with the university needs and professional experts in their respective fields helps librarians decide whether to collect materials in print or ebook format.

   While NGL may have some material in both print and ebook format, this is not common since duplicate copies are collected only for items in very high demand.


11. Who do I contact with a problem accessing an NGL ebook?

     If you have problems accessing an ebook, contact the Library Service Desk (Ask-a-Librarian).

E-Reader Purchasing and Free Ebooks for Texans


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