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Psychology and Counseling Research Guide

This selective guide is designed to help locate information in the field of psychology.

Tests and Measurements

In addition to helping you locate appropriate tests and measurements, this bibliography will also help in locating research and reviews. If you encounter any problems or cannot locate a specific test, the Library Service Desk can assist you in locating information.


American  Psychological Association (1999). Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.

LB 3051  .A693 1999

APA. The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing

APA.  FAQ/Finding Information about Psychological Tests

Mental Measurements Yearbooks

Buros, Oscar Krisen, ed. Mental Measurements Yearbook

REF LB 3061 .B932

Initially published in 1938, the  MMY is designed to assist users in locating, evaluating and using standardized tests.  Each yearbook supplements rather than supersedes earlier editions.  Each entry contains a description, ordering information, one or more critical reviews, and a bibliography of additional reviews.  In addition there is an author index to test reviews, bibliographies and classified subject index.  The 9th –11th yearbook are available online, see Electronic Resources.

Murphy, L. L., J. C. Conoley, and Impara, James, eds. Test in Print IV;  an Index to Tests,  Test Reviews, and the Literature on Specific Tests

REF LB 3051  .T47

A comprehensive  bibliography of commercially available tests in Print as of 1993.  Entries include bibliographic and descriptive information. It serves as an index to all Mental Measurement Yearbooks published to date.

Mitchell, James V., ed. Test in Print III;  An Index to Tests, Test Reviews, and the Literature on Specific Tests

REF LB 3051 .T488

Complements and indexes all Mental  Measurements Yearbooks published through 1983.

Buros, Oscar K., ed. Tests in Print II; an Index to Tests, Test Reviews and the Literature On Specific Tests

REF LB 3051. T487

Complements and indexes all Mental Measurements Yearbooks published through 1974.   

Buros, Oscar K., ed. Test in Print

REF LB 3051. T486

Complements and indexes all Mental Measurements Yearbooks published to 1961. 

Subject-Specific Sources

The following titles provide convenient access to information specifically on intelligence, personality, reading and vocational tests. All information is reprinted from the first seven Mental Measurements Yearbook and Test in Print II.  There is an author index to the tests, review, and bibliographies as well as a classified subject index.

Buros, Oscar K. Intelligence Tests and Reviews

LB 1131 .I6  (4th Floor)

Buros, Oscar K. Personality Tests and Reviews

REF BF 698.5 B87 (two volumes)

Buros, Oscar K. Reading Tests and Reviews

REF LB 1050.46 .B87  (two volumes)

Buros, Oscar K. Vocational Tests and Reviews

REF HG 5381.7  .V58

Additional Sources

Chun, KiTaek, et. al. Measures for Psychological Assessment:  a Guide to 3,000 Original  Sources and Their Applications

REF   BF 698.5 .C45

This compilation serves two purposes:  first to help in the selection of an appropriate measure by providing convenient access to relevant measures; second, to provide a bibliography of research which has used these measures. The volume is divided into two sections:  “Primary References”, where the measures were first described;  “Applications”, instances where the measures have been used.  The author descriptor (subject) indexes provide access to the material.

The ETS Test Collection Catalog  (6 volumes)

REF LB 3061 .E79

Describes a variety of research and commercial instruments arranged in broad categories: achievement; vocational; special populations; cognitive/intelligence; attitude; and personality.  Each entry includes:  title; author; publication date; and source.  The abstract describes the instrument, intended population and uses.  (See Electronic Resources)

Golden, Bert A. and J. C. Saunders. Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures

REF BF 431 .G 625  (1996) (Vols. 1-7)

Two volumes.  A numbered listing of newly developed psychological tests described in journal literature but not currently produced commercially.  Grouped under broad subject areas, each listing includes the test name, number of items, format, validity, and bibliographic references.

Keyser, Daniel J. and C. eds. Test Critiques

REF BF176. T419 1985 to date

Arranged alphabetically by test title, this compilation provides current information regarding the normative development, reliability and validity of widely used psychological, educational and business tests.  Each critique contains background information, practical applications from the user’s standpoint, technical aspects (citing overall evaluation, and a bibliography).  The last volume contains a cumulative subject index. (See Electronic Resources)

Krug, Samuel E. ed. Psychware: A Reference Guide to Computer-Based Products for Behavioral Assessment in Psychology, Education and Business

REF BF 39.5  .K78  1984

A directory of 190 computer-based products that have applications for assessing or modifying behavior. Arranged in alphabetical order by title, each entry contains the following information: supplier’s name, category application, sale restrictions, service type/cost, and product descriptions with actual sample printouts. Applications are identified for behavioral medicine, clinical assessment/diagnosis, educational evaluation/planning, counseling, personnel selection, training and vocational guidance. The five indexes, title, category, application, service type (scoring method), and supplier, provide multiple access points.

Sweetland, Richard C. and Daniel J. Keyser, eds. A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business

REF BF 176. T43  ( 1983-1997)

Arranged in broad subject areas this bibliography describes over 3,000 tests.  The entries provide a statement of the test’s purpose, a description, relevant cost and availability information, and the publisher.  A scanning key indicates the test group (child, teen, adult), grade level and if the test requires an examiner or is self administered.  Separate indexes are included for test titles, authors, publishers, scoring services and visually impaired.

Tests in Microfiche: Annotated Index

REF LB 3061.T44

Provides subject access to a wide variety of unpublished research instruments available on microfiche.  Entries include:  title; author; date; intended population. The abstract describes the instrument and its intended use.  The Microfiche collection is located in the Microforms Room on the 1st floor.

Search Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print

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