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Legal Research Guide: Texas Legal Resources


General Texas Legal Resources
Title Description
Vernon's Annotated Constitution of the State of Texas (REF KFT1230 .A3 V4) Most detailed resource available to research the Texas Constitution of 1876.
West's Texas Law Finder (REF KFT1261 .T49) Master reference index to content of West publications, texts, encyclopedias, state and federal statutes, court rules, form books, and digests.
West's Texas Forms (REF KFT1268 .W47) Contains form examples for drafting legal documents. Includes in-depth commentary and analysis of relevant statutes and cases. Form preparation features detailed table of contents, background and overview, drafting checklists, client interview worksheets, alternative provisions and clauses, substantive research features, references to tax considerations, and references to federal law
Texas State Directory (REF JK4830 .T4 2017) Guidebook to Texas state, city and county government.



Texas Criminal Legal Resources
Title Description
Vernon's Annotated Code of Criminal Procedure of the State of Texas (REF KFT1230.5) Analyzes chapter headings and included disposition table for tracing repealed subject matter of original code. Contains detailed index as well as historical and statutory notes.
Criminal Laws of Texas (REF KFT1761 .A33) Produced by the Texas District and County Attorneys Association, this volume contains the Texas Penal Code, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Texas Family Code, Texas Rules of Evidence, and Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure.
Criminal Offenses and Defenses in Texas (REF KFT1766.8 .R34 2000) Designed for the criminal practitioner, this volume focuses on issues such as criminal culpability, the act requirement, defenses, justification, inchoate crimes, and party responsibility.
Texas DWI Defense: The Law and Practice  (REF KFT1497.8 .C64 2010) Trial manual for DWI defense attorneys.  Contains motion practice, expert witness, and chemical testing information, as well as trial tips, form examples, Texas case law, and the Texas Rules of Evidence.


Texas Education Law

Texas Education Law Resources
Title Description
Texas School Law Bulletin (REF KFT1590 .A29 T48)

Produced by the Texas Education Agency, this manual contains the Texas Education Code (TEC) and other pertinent laws that impact the operation of public school districts. This resource is intended to serve as a reference guide for school trustees, educators, and members of the general public.

The education code can also be found on the Texas Education Agency's web site.

The Educator's Guide to Texas School Law (REF KFT1590 .W357 2014 eb (electronic book) Authoritative source on all major dimensions of Texas school law. Contains a review of the legal structure of the Texas school system, personnel, expression and associational rights, the role of religion in public schools, student discipline, open meetings and records, privacy, search and seizure, and legal liability under both federal and Texas law. In addition to state law, the book addresses the growing role of the federal government in school operation through such major federal legislation as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and the No Child Left Behind Act.
Independent School District Websites Independent school district websites are a great source for statutory information related to the power and duties of various bodies connected to Texas schools.



Texas Civil Legal Resources
Title Description
Courtroom Handbook on Texas Evidence (REF KFT1280 .T49) Handbook for civil practitioners.  Contains Texas Rules of Evidence, constitutional provisions, statutes, and court rules pertaining to the admissibility of evidence.  Also included is commentary on each rule of evidence and evidentiary objections.
Texas Trial Handbook 3d (REF KFT1738 .J65) Concentrates on procedural and substantive aspects of trial practice. Includes Texas trial-related case law, rules, and statutes as well as federal case law.
Vernon's Texas Rules of Civil Procedure (REF KFT1729 .A315 A2) Covers district and county courts rules, courts of appeals rules, Supreme Court rules, justice courts rules, and special proceedings. Includes Rules of Evidence and Rules of Appellate Procedure.



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