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HIED 5367 - Diverse Student Populations: Finding Articles

Essential Databases

Recommended Databases

Other Education databases can be accessed on our Education Databases page.

Welcome to HIED 5367!

Bitmoji ImageThis guide has been designed for HIED 5367 - Diverse Student Populations. It contains key databases, tutorials, citation information, ILL information, and additional helpful resources. For additional assistance, please reach out using my contact information on the right. That's why I'm here and I'm always happy to help! I look forward to working with you. 😊

Please note: This guide is not exhaustive and is only intended as a starting point for students in HIED 5367. Although the guide may be useful for similar courses, this is not its intention.

Sample Research Topics

To develop your search terms:

  • Write out your question or topic in a sentence
  • Identify the most important words
  • Brainstorm alternatives for those important words (especially synonyms and historical terms)
    • Check the Thesaurus in your chosen database (if available) to determine the database's preferred term

For example:

Important word/term: Higher Education

Alternatives: colleges, universities, postsecondary education

Search string: 

"higher education" OR colleges OR universities OR "postsecondary education"

Scope Note: Students who are the first in their families to attend a postsecondary institution.

Suggested Search/Subject Terms:

  • first generation college students
  • first gen college students
  • first-in-family

Veterans (General)

Suggested Search/Subject Terms:

  • Education of Veterans (Higher)
  • Veterans Education 
  • Education & the Military
  • Non-military Education of Military Personnel
  • Military Education
  • Veterans
  • Military Veterans
  • Military Service
  • Administration of Veterans Affairs


Event/Branch Specific

Consider searching:

  • for the specific event or branch (including alternative wording, spelling, and abbreviations)
  • for the type of event (ex: search for terrorism instead of 9/11)
  • in Psychology or Sociology databases in addition to the Education databases


Suggested Search/Subject Terms:

  • Atheism
  • Religious life of college students
  • Religion & Education
  • Religious cultural groups
  • Beliefs 
  • Religious beliefs
  • Religious conflict
  • Religious factors
  • Religious discrimination


Suggested Search/Subject Terms:

  • College athletes
  • Athletes
  • Athletic Participation
  • College Sports
  • College Athletics
  • Student athletes

Specific Sport:

  • Search it as "college [sport]" (ex: "college swimming")
    • *Note - Cheerleading is generally not considered a sport in the library databases

Suggested Search/Subject Terms:

  • Black women college students
  • African American college students
  • Women college students
  • Education of African American women
  • African American education
  • Minority group students


Suggested Search/Subject Terms:

  • College students with disabilities
  • Education of students with disabilities (Higher)
  • Higher education of students with disabilities
  • People with disabilities in higher education
  • Disability Discrimination 


  • Consider searching:
    • for a specific type of disability or disability group (ex: mental, learning, or physical disabilities)
    • in Psychology or Sociology databases


Suggested Search/Subject Terms:

  • LGBT* college students
  • College students AND
    • Gay OR Lesbian OR Bisexual OR Transgender OR Queer
  • Homosexuality OR Bisexuality OR Lesbianism OR Sexual Orientation
  • Transgender OR Sexual Identity

Tip - Consider using the wildcard symbol * to pull all records that may be using that root word with a different ending. (Ex: LGBT will pull LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQIA, etc.)

Scope Note: 

Suggested Search/Subject Terms:

  • Jewish college students
  • Jewish students
  • Religious groups
  • Race relations - Universities & colleges

Suggested Search/Subject Terms:

  • Mental health of college students
  • Psychology of college students
  • Mental health
  • Mental health services in universities & colleges
  • Mental health programs
  • Well being
  • Wellness

Tip - Consider searching for specific mental health issues such as stress management, depression, suicide, self-mutilation, etc.

Suggested Search/Subject Terms:

  • Distance education
  • Web-based instruction
  • Online courses
  • Nontraditional education
  • Part time students
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Virtual universities & colleges

Tip - Consider how the terms "online students" or "distance education" have evolved overtime, be sure to include any historical terms in your search.

Suggested Search/Subject Terms:

  • Education of refugees
  • Refugees
  • Migrants
  • Foreign students
  • Access to education
  • Student mobility

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APA Citation Information

For introductory information and examples about APA citations, please view our APA Citations guide

If you need access to the full style guide, Newton Gresham Library and SHSU-The Woodlands Center have print copies you can check out. 

Other helpful resources include Purdue OWL and the APA Style Blog.


Distance Services & Interlibrary Loan

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