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Texas Government

Texas legislature, judicial and gubernatorial resources.


Judicial Directory

Current information on courts and judges in counties.

Justices of Texas (1836-1986)

Includes People who served on the Texas Supreme Court and Texas Court of Criminal Appeals from 1836 to 1986: biographies, portraits, citations to opinions, and links to additional information.

Penal Code Offenses by Punishment Range

A list created by the Attorney General.

Texas Progressive Interventions and Bench Manual

A manual for basic community services and sanctions that can be imposed instead of incarceration. Used by County Court judges to try cases, it is also helpful for prosecutors,defense attorneys, defendants and victims, and community corrections officials.

Juvenile Justice Handbook

Link to the handbook, but also to publications by the Attorney General about juveniles.  Read about school crime, gangs, cyber and cell phone safety,child support evaders and sex offenders.  Also, link to other sites like the FBI, Homeland Security, The Justice Department, and Missing and Exploited Children.

.Annual Statistics Report

Link to Annual Statistical Reports for basic court information, information on judges,  demographics, salaries and turnover.  Find statistics from appellate and trial courts, case activity and trends.




Supreme Court of Texas

The Chief Justice and eight justices make up the Supreme Court in Texas. Located by the State Capital, it serves as the "last resort" for  rulings on civil matters. Use this site for contact information and the Justice calendar. Find out about current news and cases, rules and procedures. See oral arguments videos, causes, and orders and opinions.

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

"The Court of Criminal Appeals is Texas' highest court for criminal cases. The Court consists of a Presiding Judge and eight Judges." View Justice contact Information, procedures, rules, issues argument,virtual court, orders, opinions and statements, and case submissions.  You may also locate forms.

Texas Court of Appeals

The 14 courts of appeals reside in specific areas of Texas and have  jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases appealed from district or county courts. Visit the web sites of all 14 courts of appeals  by hovering over "courts" in the subject links.

Texas Trial Courts

This link guides you to information about  Texas District, County, Justice, Municipal, and Specialty courts. It includes multi-district litigation cases, rules of judicial administration, and information about serving on a jury or receiving child support.



  CIVIL/JUVENILE                          CRIMINAL


                         COURT OF APPEALS


                         Trial court appeals: 

              district, county, justice, municipal


                            DISTRICT COURT

                          Original jurisdiction

             Divorce, land titles, contested elections,         

             felony: criminal, civil, juvenile


                           COUNTY COURT

                    Limited local jurisdiction

                     Lower court appeals:

                 constitutional, statutory county courts,

                civil, probate, juvenile, misdemeanors


                        MUNICIPAL COURT

                     Limited local jurisdiction

                              Local trials:

                            civil, small claims,

                        criminal misdemeanors,              

          magistrate, probate, municipal ordinances


                       SPECIALTY COURT

                         A Separate Court
Child protection and support, juveniles                


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