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Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century -- Alice Wong (Editor)

Contributions to the book

Contributions to Disability Visibility: First Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century edited by Alice Wong

Not complete, may be original work that was adapted/edited for Disability Visibility: First Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century

Click on Author's name for link to more information.  Some contributors do not provide much information online.



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Patty Berne & Vanessa Raditz

To Survive Climate Catastrophe, Look to Queer and Disabled Folks,project%20called%20Mask%20Oakland.%20Mask%20Oakland%20%2F%20Twiter

Zipporah Arielle

What Seeing Selma Blair Walk The Red Carpet Felt Like, As A Disabled Woman

Diana Cejas

(note: Medical Doctor)

Taking Charge of My Story as a Cancer Patient at the Hospital Where I Work

Rebecca Cokley

(note: currently at Ford Foundation)

The Anti-Abortion Bill You Aren’t Hearing About

Jen Deerinwater

The Erasure of Indigenous People In Chronic Illness

Wanda Diaz Merced

(note: currently working in Japan)

How a blind astronomer found a way to hear the stars

June Eric-Udorie

(note: Listed as part of publisher's speakers bureau)

When You Are Waiting to Be Healed,I%20was%20adding%20ink%20to%20a%20penciled%20truth.

Maysoon Zayid

If You Can't Fast, Give

Jeremy Woody as told to Christie Thompson

The Isolation of Being Deaf in Prison

Britney Wilson

(Note: law professor)

On NYC’s Paratransit, Fighting for Safety, Respect, and Human Dignity

Jillian Weise

Common Cyborg

Ricardo Thornton, Sr.

(note: works in a library)

Statement of Ricardo Thornton, Sr.

Before the U.S. Senate: June 21, 2012

Using the ADA to Promote Community


Jessica Slice

Parenting with a disability makes me feel like an ‘impostor’ as a mother

Elsa Sjunneson

How to Make a Paper Crane

s.e. smith

The Beauty of Spaces Created For and By Disabled People

Ellen Samuels


Six Ways of Looking at Crip Time

Mari “Dev” Ramsawakh

Incontinence Is a Public Health Issue — And We Need to Talk About It


I’m tired of chasing a cure

Stacey Milbern

(Note: deceased)

On the Ancestral Plane: Crip Hand Me Downs and the Legacy of Our Movements

Talila  A. Lewis

Ki'tay D. Davidson: A Eulogy

Shoshana Kessock

Falling/Burning: Hannah Gadsby, Nanette, and Being A Bipolar Creator

Harriet McBryde Johnson (Note:  Deceased)

Unspeakable Conversations

Sandy Ho

Canfei to Canji

The Freedom of Being Loud

Jamison Hill

Love Means Never Having to Say …  Anything

Ariel Henley

(Note: has a new book released 2021)

There’s a Mathematical Equation That Proves I’m Ugly — Or So I Learned in My Seventh Grade Art Class

Eugene Grant

The Fearless Benjamin Lay—Activist, Abolitionist, Dwarf Person

Haben Girma

Guide dogs don’t lead blind people. We wander as one.

Karolyn Gehrig

Time’s Up for Me, Too Where are disabled people in the Time's Up movement?

Keah Brown

My Joy is My Freedom

Note: different title than one in the book



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