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Citing Articles & Websites


Author, A., Author, B., & Author, C. (Date). Title of article. Title of Journal, Volume# (Issue#), page#. doi: (if available)

Offstein, E. H., Morwick, J. M., & Koskinen, L. (2010). Making telework work: Leading people and leveraging technology for competitive advantage. Strategic HR Review, 9(2), 32-37.


Author, A. (date). Title of document. Website name if available. https://xxxxxxxxx


Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. (2021). Sustainability: Cultivate a better world.


Chipotle issues new sustainability report. (2019, April 30). PR Newswire.

If no publication date - use (n.d.) for "no date"

If no author - put Title of document/webpage first

Citing Specfic Business Resources

Annual Report / 10K

Wells Fargo. (2020). 2019 annual report.

AtoZ World Culture

World Trade Press. (n.d.). Canada: The business experience. AtoZ World Culture database.

Books (whole)

Levitt, S. D., & Dubner, S. J. (2005). Freakonomics: A rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything. William Morrow.

Books (chapter)

Paauwe, J., & Dewe, P. (1995). Organizational structure of multinational corporations: Theories and models. In A.W. Harzing & J. Van Ruysseveldt (Eds.), International human resource management: An integrated approach (pp. 51-74). Sage Publishing. 

Business Insights: Global

Gale Group. (2019). Exxon Mobil Corp.: Company profile. Business Insights: Global database.

Nike Inc.: Financial and strategic analysis review. (2018, November 1). Global Market Direct SWOT Reports. Business Insights: Global database.


Canada: Cultural etiquette .(2018). Retrieved from CountryWatch database.

D&B Key Business Ratios

Dun and Bradstreet. (2018). SIC 5122: Stationary and office supplies. D&B Key Business Ratios database.

First Research

First Research. (2014, January 12). Industry profile: Candy manufacturing. First Research database.


Le, T. (2019, May). Colleges & universities in the US. IBISWorld database.

MarketLine Plus

MarketLine. (2012, June 28). Google Inc.: Company profile. MarketLine Plus database.

Mergent Online

Mergent. (2019). Ford Motor Co. company financials: Ratios. Mergent Online database.


Mergent. (2018, September). Automotive and parts North America: A company and industry analysis. Mergent Online database


Failla, J. (2020, April), Quick service restaurants: US. Mintel database.

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) NetAdvantage

Corridore, J. (2012, June 28). Airlines. Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys. Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage database.

YouTube / Videos

Sam Houston State University. (2015, December 16). Santa visits Sam Houston State University [Video file].


In-Text Citation

General (Author, Date)   
e.g. (Levitt & Dubner, 2005)

No author ("First part of title," Date)  
e.g. ("Making telework work," 2010)

"Direct quote" (Author, Date, page #)
e.g. (Levitt & Dubner, 2005, p.73)

Direct Quote w/o page # (Author, Date, paragraph #)
e.g. (Levitt & Dubner, 2005, para. 5)

Ordering Ref Entries

First, order entries alphabetically by their 1st citation element (i.e., author's last name or title of work with no author)

  • Use letter spelling to order numbers, e.g., order "2020" under "T"
  • List single author work before mutli-author work

Then, order ascendingly by publication date (i.e., for entries with the same 1st citation element, order by 2nd element)

  • List no date (n.d.) entries first
  • List from earliest to most recent
  • In-press references are last

Example of ref entry order

Smith, A. (n.d.)...
Smith. A, (2011)....
Smith, A., & Smith, B. (2011)...
Smith, A. (2021)...
Smith, B, (2019)...
Smith, B. (in press)...

More APA Help

Evaluating Sources

Other Citation Styles


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