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Social & Racial Justice: Resources on Asian/AAPI Stereotypes

This guide provides direct links to resources provided by Newton Gresham Library. Content from external organizations is also included.



     Soon Chung Park, 74                                           Hyun Jung Grant, 51

    Suncha Kim, 69                                                     Yong Yue, 63

    Delaina Ashley Yaun, 33                                       Paul Andre Michels, 54

    Xiaojie Tan, 49                                                       Daoyou Feng, 44


Murdered March 16, 2021, Atlanta & Cherokee County, Georgia.

What We Know About the Victims in the Atlanta Shootings, New York Times Article

Readings Recommened by Vox

Hate crimes against Asian Americans go back centuries. We asked experts which books to read to understand the history. (Copied from Vox: Atlanta shootings: A reading list on anti-Asian racism in America - Vox)


Availability @ NGL

  • The Color of Success: Asian Americans and the Origins of the Model Minority – do not own
  • Contagious Divides: Epidemics and Race in San Francisco's Chinatown (2001) Physical Copy: RA448.5 .C45 S53 2001
  • Driven Out: The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans (2007) Physical Copy: F870 .C5 P48 2007
  • Making of Asian America: A History (2015) Physical Copy: E184 .A75 L43 2015
  • Orientals: Asian Americans in Popular Culture – do not own
  • Serve the People: Making Asian America in the Long Sixties (2016)  Physical Copy: E184 .A75 I84 2016
  • To Save the Children of Korea: The Cold War Origins of International Adoption (2015)
  • Vestiges of War: The Philippine-American War and the Aftermath of an Imperial Dream (2002) Physical Copy: DS679 .V47 2002

Stop AAPI Hate

Recommend by SHSU Faculty

Videos: Interrogating Stereotypes of Asian & Asian American Women

Slaying the Dragon: Media Stereotypes of Asian & Asian American Women (2011)

A comprehensive look at media stereotypes of Asian and Asian American women since the silent era. From the racist use of white actors to portray Asians in early Hollywood films, through the success of Anna May Wong's sinister dragon lady, to Suzie Wong and the '50s geisha girls, to the Asian-American anchorwoman of today, this fascinating videotape shows how stereotypes of exoticism and docility have affected the perception of Asian-American women.

The Grace Lee Project: Deconstructing an Asian-American Stereotype (2005)

When award-winning Korean-American filmmaker Grace Lee was growing up in Missouri, she was the only Grace Lee she knew. As an adult, however, she moved to New York and then California, where everyone she met seemed to know "another Grace Lee." But why did they assume that all Grace Lees were nice, dutiful, piano-playing bookworms?

This refreshing film reveals the intriguing contradiction of the "Grace Lee" persona--simultaneously impressive and forgettable, special and generic, an emblem of a subculture and an individual who defies categorization. With wit and charm, THE GRACE LEE PROJECT challenges the cultural investments made in the idea of Grace Lee, all the while sending her a love letter.

Trading Women (2003)

TRADING WOMEN enters the worlds of brothel owners, trafficked girls, voluntary sex workers, corrupt police and anxious politicians. Filmed in Burma, China, Laos, and Thailand, this is the first film to follow the trade in women in all its complexity and to consider the impact of this 'far away' problem on the global community.

Narrated by Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie, the documentary investigates the trade in minority girls and women from the hill tribes of Burma, Laos, and China, into the Thai sex industry. Filmed on location in China, Thailand, and Burma, Trading Women follows the trade of women in all its complexity, entering the worlds of brothel owners, trafficked girls, voluntary sex-workers, corrupt police and anxious politicians. The film also explores the international community's response to the issue.


The Women Outside: Korean Women and the U.S. Military (1995)

Documenting the lives of women who work in the South Korean military brothels and clubs where over 27,000 women "service" the 37,000 American soldiers stationed in the most militarized region of the world, The Women Outside follows their provocative journey from the outskirts of Seoul to the inner cities of America. A testament of endurance and survival, it raises questions about U.S. military policy, South Korean government policy and their common dependence on the sexual labor of women. The Women Outside is a film that challenges the U.S. military presence in Korea, and the role women are forced to play in global geopolitics.


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