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Thesis and Dissertation

Directions on Form, Preparation, and Submission of the Final Copies of Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations

Approval Page

The approval page is the second page in your document, and it also follows an official standard.  This web page contains instructions on how to achieve the official SHSU approval page formatting for both template and non-template users.


NOTE:  Physical signatures are no longer required on the approval page.  The Electronic Route Sheet has replaced this process, saving you time and hassle. 


TIP:  A "Template -- without macros" can be found on the Home page and can be used by both PC and Mac computer users.  It has been preformatted to meet the SHSU requirements outlined on this page.


  • Title of document is the same as what appears on Abstract page and Title page.
  • The title of document uses ALL CAPS.
  • Author's name is the same as what appears on Abstract page and Approval page.
  • All committee member names on the Approval page are spelled correctly and have appropriate credentials next to each person’s name.

How it Should Look

Click on the example approval page below to see a full screen version.

Macro-Template Instructions

The university's template provides a pre-formatted approval page for you to use.  A pop-up window appears when the template is first opened that allows you to fill in all the required information, including your official name, committee members' names, and title of your document.  BE SURE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AS YOU FILL IN THE BLANKS.

If you don't fill this information out immediately, or if you need to change the data at a later time, that's OK.  There is an easy way to go back and update this information.

  1. Click on the SHSU tab.

  2. Click on the Smiley Face on the far right side of the ribbon. 

  3. If you cannot see the Smiley Face, then click on Template Help and it will appear.

  4. Now you can edit the data in the boxes. 

VIDEO: Macro-Template Instructions

Non-Template Instructions

Non-template users need to format the approval page as follows:



  2. Margins:  Left margin 1.5 inch.  Top, Right, Bottom 1 inch. 

  3. Font:  12 pt.  Double-spaced throughout.  Use same font style throughout document.  (Use RegText)

  4. Title:  ALL CAPS and centered on first line beneath top margin.  The title may take multiple lines depending on its length.

  5. (centered) by

  6. (centered)  <Your official name as found in the Registrar's Office>

  7. (centered) 1-inch underscore line two spaces beneath degree.

  8. Tab over to center of page (about 6 times), and type APPROVED:

  9. Tab over to center of page (about 6 times):  Advisor's first and last name, followed by credentials.

  10. Tab over to center of page (about 6 times):  Thesis Director

  11. Tab over to center of page (about 6 times):  Committee member's first and last name, followed by credentials.

  12. Tab over to center of page (about 6 times):  Committee Member

  13. Repeat steps 10 & 11 until all committee members are accounted for.

  14. Tab over to center of page (about 6 times):  Dean of college's first and last name, followed by credentials.

  15. Tab over to center of page (about 6 times):  Dean, College of <Insert name of college>

  16. Hit the ENTER button once.

  17. Click on the LAYOUT tab.

  18. Click on the Breaks feature in the Page Setup section.

  19. Select Continous break.  (This is an important step for formatting page numbers.)

  20. When finished, click on the Insert tab, and click on Page Break to start a new section.


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