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Art Research Guide

This annotated guide to selected art reference sources in the Newton Gresham Library covers painting, drawing, graphic arts, and sculpture.


Flammarion Iconographic Guides.  New York:  Flammarion, 1994-

The books provide illustrated compendiums for researching iconography within major religious traditions. Titles include the following:

  • Aghion, Irène, et al.  Gods and Heroes of Classical Antiquity.  REF N 7760 .A34 1996
  • Ducet-Suchaux, Gaston, et al.  The Bible and the Saints.  REF N 8080 .D82 1994
  • Frédéric, Louis.  Buddhism.  REF N 8193 .F7 1995

Greenwood Topical Dictionaries.  Westport:  Greenwood Press, 1987-

These topical dictionaries provide background on the subjects, stories, symbols, and themes frequently represented in European artworks of the designated time periods

  • Earls, Irene.  Baroque Art:  A Topical Dictionary.  REF N 6415 .B3E18 1996
  • Renaissance Art:  A Topical Dictionary.  REF N 6370 .E27 1987
  • Ross, Leslie.  Medieval Art:  A Topical Dictionary.  REF N 7850 .R67 1996
  • Strieter, Terry W.  Nineteenth-Century European Art:  A Topical Dictionary.  REF N 6757 .S77 1999

Guides to Imagery.  Los Angeles:  J. Paul Getty Museum, 2002-

This series provides illustrated thematic guides to imagery in Western art.  Titles include the following:

  •    Angels and Demons in Art.  N 8090 .G5513 2005
  •    Astrology, Magic, and Alchemy in Art.  N 7745 .A4 B3813 2007
  •    Death and Resurrection in Art.  N 8217 .D5 D4313 2009
  •    Food and Feasting in Art.  N 8217 .F64 M2513 2008
  •    Gods and Heroes in Art.  N 7760 .I4713 2002
  •    Gospel Figures in Art.  N 8030 .Z8413 2003
  •    The History of the Church in Art.  N 7830 .G5313 2008    
  •    Icons and Saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church.  N 8187.5 .T7313 2006
  •    Love and the Erotic in Art .  N 8220 .Z8413 2010
  •    Medicine in Art.  N 8223 .B6713 2010
  •    Music in Art.  ML 85 .A9713 2009
  •    Nature and Its Symbols.  N 7680 .I4713 2004
  •    Old Testament Figures in Art.  N 8020 .D4 2003
  •    Saints in Art.  ND 1430 .G5513 2003
  •    Symbols and Allegories in Art .  N 7740 .B2913 2005
  •    Symbols of Power in Art.  N 8219 .K5 R3613 2011

Hall, James.  Illustrated Dictionary of Symbols in Eastern and Western Art.  New York:  IconEditions, 1994.  REF N 7740 .H35 1994

This dictionary contains sections devoted to Abstract Signs; Animals; Artefacts; Earth and Sky; Human Body and Dress; and Plants, with an emphasis on the civilizations of ancient Egypt and the Near and Far East.  See also Hall's earlier book, Dictionary of Subjects & Symbols in Art, which focuses on Christian and classical themes in Western art (REF N 7560 .H34 1974b).

Index Iconologus.  N 7860 .I5  [Microforms, Room 143]

Over 400 microfiche provide approximately 60,000 illustrations for the systematic classification of Christian and secular art from the 13th to the 20th century (with an emphasis on the 16th and 17th centuries).

Reid, Jane Davidson.   The Oxford Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts, 1300-1990s.  2 vols.  New York:  Oxford University Press, 1993.  REF NX 650 .M9R45 1993

This guide indicates where Greek and Roman mythological figures and themes are represented in artistic, literary, and musical works from the early Renaissance to the 1990s.  An index of artists, authors, and composers is provided.

Roberts, Helene E., ed.  Encyclopedia of Comparative Iconography:  Themes Depicted in Works of Art.  2 vols.  Chicago:  Fitzroy Dearborn, 1998.   REF N 7560 .E53 1998

The essays in this encyclopedia analyze recurrent themes in the history of art from Abandonment to Zodiac.  Each essay concludes with a representative list of artworks that exemplify the theme and selected bibliographical references.

Thomas, Anabel.  Illustrated Dictionary of Narrative Painting.  London:  John Murray, in association with National Gallery Publications, 1994.  REF ND 1288 .T45 1994

Thomas explains the Biblical and mythological stories depicted in dozens of narrative paintings from the collection of London's National Gallery.


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